Hypoallergenic Personal Lubricant

The hypoallergenic personal lubricant come in different brands, which makes how to choose one a great problem. Do you know which ones are better in the market?

We have the reasonably priced hypoallergenic personal lubricant, the high quality ones and also the ones which are good in both quality and budget. Whatever you prefer, you will get satisfied.

Please read our page and choose the a really excellent hypoallergenic personal lubricant.

Top Rated Hypoallergenic Personal Lubricant

Pjur Original Bodyglide 250ml/8.5oz bottle

The number one selling silicone lubricant worldwide. Our original formulation, premium silicone personal lubricant provides optimal lubrication and superior skin-on-skin slide.

Consumer Guide
  • “This is the best lube on the market.” – N. Schoenfeld
  • “It never seems to dry out, get sticky, feel oily or lose any of its ability to feel slippery.” – John Hoop
  • “A little goes a long way and lasts and lasts.” – Lee A. Clark

Pink Lubricant, 4-Ounce Bottle
Victoria’s Secret

Pink Silicone Lubricant for Women was designed especially for women and their intimate needs. Fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, Pink provides restorative and healing properties while providing moisture and lubrication for the most sensitive of areas.

Buyers Guide
  • “Dont dry out and get sticky like most lube.” – cuckoldmocpl
  • “Absolutely the best lube ever.” – Innovative Shopper
  • “Stays slick never sticky & it only takes a little bit so the product last for a long time.” – Tracy Gibson

K-Y Intrigue Premium Personal Lubricant, 2.75 Ounce

The ultimate premium lubricant in a class of its own.K-y Brand Intrigue Premium Intimacy Lubricant promises you the very best lubricant for your relationship by providing the ultimate skin-on-skin sensation.

Hypoallergenic Personal Lubricant Reviews
  • “It is by far the best lubricant product on the market.” – W. Peter
  • “Works very well and doesn’t leave behind that sticky, tacky feel that other lubricants tend to leave.” – SDP
  • “Dries out way too fast and overpriced, The Wal-mart brand (Equate)of lubricant is 10 times better and cheaper than this garbage.” – reviewer

Pjur Original Body Glide Lube - 100ml

Unlike Water or oil-based lubricants, Pjur is formulated from a clear synthetic that doesn’t absorb into the skin. So you don’t have to reapply. Latex and rubber compatible.

Consumer Reviews
  • “By far the best lube I have ever used.” – Alex
  • “No oily residue.” – B. Clark
  • “A little goes a long way.” – Mom of Five

Sliquid Sassy Natural Lubricating Gel, Booty Formula, 4.2-Ounce Bottle (Packaging May Vary)

Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula Sliquid Sassy is a water based and water soluble anal gel, formulated glycerin free and paraben free. It begins with the same ingredients as Sliquid H2O, but is formulated as a thicker gel to provide more padding for anal intercourse.

Product Reviews
  • “This lube is thick, non irritating, and it has no odor or taste.” – dawgiemama
  • “It’s hypoallergenic *Non-toxic *Glycerin-free- glycerin has been proven to help in the development of yeast infections!” – Alphalover
  • “This is the best lube I’ve used.” – Acausal Being

Wet Lubes Synergy Hybrid Lubricant, 7-ounce
Wet Lubes

Introducing Wet Synergy, the new hybrid lubricant from Wet, trusted maker of the world’s best selling intimacy gels. New LiquiSatisfaction Technology delivers a soothing cushion of gel that transforms into a silky layer of liquid lubrication.

Consumer Reviews
  • “By far the best lube ever.” – Snotchboy
  • “Very slippery and stays slippery for a long long time.” – MikeyC
  • “It’s thick when first applied but smooths out immediately for a silky, slippery feel.” – Jesper

Wet Lubes Wet Uranus Anal Silicone Lube,16.4 Ounce
Wet Lubes

Wet Uranus Anal Lubricant is thicker silicone based lube. Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin types. Non-staining to sheets, lingerie and most types of materials.

Kamasutra Weekender Kit
Kama Sutra

Don’t let their size fool you; these luscious little luxuries pack a passionate punch. Packaged in a sleek box, this gift set is sized for a pocket, purse, or overnight bag, perfect for a romantic evening or weekend getaway.

Sliquid Swirl Cherry Vanilla Intimate Lubricant 4.2 oz

Naturals Swirl is a group of flavored water based lubricants, all glycerin and paraben free. Sliquid currently offers six flavors; Cherry Vanilla, Green Apple Tart, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, and the new Pink Lemonade & Strawberry Pomegranate.

Suggestions of the Best hypoallergenic personal lubricant

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